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Pinellas Tax, Inc.

About Us

Founded in 1998, Pinellas Tax, Inc. was formed with the express purpose of bringing the analytic tools, skills, and knowledge used in Corporate America to the small business owner for an affordable price, while still maintaining the customer service the small business owner needs to successfully grow their business.

Today's challenges to the small business entrepreneur are greater then ever before. With increasing unemployment, skyrocketing energy costs, a sluggish economy, and far too many unknowns, small business has been left with shrinking sales and increasing costs. Unfortunately, these problems have forced business owners to cut or reduce the very services that will enable them to grow and survive.

The foundation of America's economy is based in small business. This is where the American spirit and work ethic began and continues even into the 21st century. Without affordable Payroll, Bookkeeping, Tax, and Consulting  Services, small business is left with a significant disadvantage.

Our mission is to supply all of these services and more with the detail, timing, and personal service that our clients need to grow without the cold "number based" customer service that our competition supplies. What's worse is that our competitors charge prices that the small business owner simply cannot afford. We pledge to bring you all of this and much, much more with a price you can afford.

The secret to our success is two fold. Firstly, Pinellas Tax has a staff of Corporate Accountants, Payroll Specialists, and Financial Analysts that telecommute. No office means no cost and by keeping our costs down we're able to charge much less for our services then our competitors. Secondly, Pinellas Tax places a huge emphasis on customer service. Our CEO acts as the primary contact for all our clients and holds all meetings at our client’s locations. Our success is measured solely on the success of our clients. 


Small Business Is Our Specialty

Pinellas Tax, Inc. only accepts clients with less than 20 employees. Our purpose is to focus on small business and enable them to succeed through our innovative cost saving methods and services.


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