Pinellas Tax, Inc.


Pinellas Tax, Inc.





I would like to thank you heartily for the wonderful accomplishments you did for the accounting systems of The Hope for Komar Foundation, Inc. in St. Petersburg, FL.

I appreciate very much your leadership in the incorporation of the Foundation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and the establishment of its functionalities.                                                                                

Thanks to your diligent efforts on timely and concise accounting reports, members of this non-profit organization can keep abreast of the financial health of the charitable entity that is dear to their hearts. You have provided to the members of the organization the mirror of their financial situation. As the result of your efforts, the members of this organization have taken responsible measures to strengthen the financial position of their organization.

With cordial regards,
Sophann Im, Ph. D.
Real Estate Entrepreneur, Largo, FL




Without Pinellas Tax, Inc., the Cowboy Cab Co. would have never come about. Many have tried, but all have failed at this business in Bandera, TX. Without the right company to help with bookwork, preparing taxes and helping with the laws, we would have failed from the beginning. It takes a lot of imagination and working together to make this dream work, grow and continue to stay in business. Communication is the answer to our success.
The manager just emails daily or weekly all expenditures and deposits made. All statements and information are all done on the Internet. So easy and all our stress has been removed. There are so many forms, insurance issues, and laws to consider. Wilkinson Business Solutions, Inc. has taken all this stress for us!!
Wanting to start a business and knowing how are two totally different situations. We had no clue where to start. Wilkinson Business Solutions took over and within a short time we were in business and now it’s growing by leaps and bounds.  The DWI rate has dropped 50% since our business started last year.  People can have fun, enjoy the cowboy music, and still drink and not worry about being put in jail, DWI, or having an accident.  
Thank you Wilkinson Business Solutions!!  I give you 5 stars!!  More if it was allowed!!


Kathy Thornton CEO
Cowboy Cab
Bandera, TX.





As a member of the board, I want to thank you for your wonderful service in getting the Hope for Komar Foundation, Inc. started.  You handled all the necessary application and filings with the state. You took care of all the required paperwork in filing for a 501(c)(3) status with great success.  You also handle the accounting and bookkeeping of the organization with confidence and professionalism. I am thankful that we have you handling all the state filings, accounting and bookkeeping for our charitable organization.  We appreciate you very much.

May God bless you in your business.


Saroeup Im, member of board of directors

The Hope for Komar Foundation, Inc.


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